Broken Rail Ranch

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Below are the DRONE photos, videos and panoramas taken of Broken Rail Ranch June 19, 2019.


This is a compilation video of appox. 3 mins. with an added an audio track.


    These are still photos from various angles.  Some of the photos were cropped from the panoramas, which skews the perspective.  Clearly, the drone enables you to line up some very interesting, out-of-the ordinary shots, which you could never get from the ground.    


      These are 360 degree panoramas.  To properly view the Panoramas, firstly view it full screen by clicking/touching the 4-arrows in the upper right-hand corner. If you have a touch screen, dragging your finger across the screen scrolls the Panorama around, horizonatally and vertically. You can use a mouse to the same effect (left click and hold) on a non-touch device.

      Also, with a phone or a tablet, you should be able to stand, hold the device level with your eyes and turn around. The image should scroll as if you are actually there turning your head.